The scoffing scientist

Why not he is a member of the US Coastguard team aboard a US Coastguard ship which is headed to the Arctic to map the sea floor off Alaska an American state BUT Russia Denmark and Canada are asserting their claims in the region which of course has potential oil and natural gas reserves.

The thing is they are denying flag dropping such crap; they would I guess the USA does not like being usurped.

It might look legit but under it, all is the certain worry that Russia, Canada and Denmark may have something to say about this.

In the past, the USA has helped immensely especially in world war’s one and two but the role of the world’s police has not helped their image.

It is far too late for George Bush to go out like a lion with petty tactics like this.

He is without a shadow of doubt the American peoples worst ever president; I cannot even liken him to our own incumbent Prime Minister and he is a bloody ratbag in my opinion. What that makes Georgie boy is anyone’s guess

However, remember Russia, Denmark and Canada this is being done with him and the USA in mind.

A good thing would be for these three countries who have laid claims in this arctic region are to gang up on George and his icebreakers forthwith.

Thank heaven the man clears off next year most of the world are absolutely sick of him and his dastardly politics.

Its a sad thing when folk ordinary folk in the USA are charged horrendous fees for medical etc and the head honcho is responsible for yet more irrational behaviour.

If you do not have money in the United States, you go under simple as that and their government is elected in the same way.

What is more the ordinary citizens do not vote their new President in either it is all done with an electoral roll.

I for one hope the bloody icebreaker breaks down and has to ask for assistance.

I hope they have to ask their neighbours CANADA for help.

It is not right that the average American should have to withstand the worst of the C in C’s errors.

I hope that the USA will God willing regain its self-esteem. All this is due to the Republican Party and their policies.


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