John Williamson

John is an Australian country singer some might liken his songs to folk songs and I would not argue with that.

I think he is good personally; my musical tastes are diverse and I like serious music as well as heavy rock, pop, many country and western singers Johnny Cash was a favourite of mine still is I guess.

Bruce Springsteen is another favourite of mine and yes, I know they are a bit long in the tooth now.

Thankfully not as old as some that a few of my e-mail friends send me, most of the time I just delete them I believe in the future and not the past.

John Williamson is definitely a true blue, as you will see by these videos courtesy of You Tube.

The last one Waltzing Matilda is not our National Anthem either and for years it was forbidden to play or sing it at Rugby test matches but we now do, I guess its our answer to the New Zealand Haka!! However, I digress so please watch and enjoy these Videos, first up is true blue then old man Emu and finally Waltzing Matilda


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