Will Honest John make history?

The way things are going in the conservative camp this is a distinct possibility (I am cheering) the last time a sitting Prime Minister lost his seat was in 1929 yep a long time ago but with the way things are going today re terrorism and immigration this country needs a change like never before.

We have had a conservative government for many years now it is about time Australia had a change in my opinion.

He certainly does not look confident does he and the mere thought that the treasurer Peter Costello might take the reigns of the federal government has most people worried if they are honest of course; quite a few are not honest.

The swing by the way is not due only to labor voters but conservative ones as well this to me signifies his own mob is sick of his style of government.

I know I am, the bonus of 500 bucks whilst welcomed by me will not sway my decision one iota when it comes to polling day.

One only has to look at Costello in the Parliament he looks like a smirking schoolchild who has farted why the public has put up with this jerk is beyond me.

Frankly yes, I want Johnny come lately to make history; this country was built on blood sweat and tears and does not need conservatism to take it away from the working person.

It will also make history in another way as then a duly elected Australian labor party, which I do not think has ever happened, will run all governments of this great country.

At least we make our vote count here not like the UK or the USA, as we are obliged by law to vote thereby ensuring at least a 95% turnout at the polls.

I write to folk from the UK and most of them although arguing politics rarely turn out to vote.

So I surely want glamour Labor candidate Maxine McKew to beat Johnny come lately for sure in fact I want her to zoom in and knock the old crock out of it so go Maxine go go go

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