Another search engine just launched and stuff

Yep a new search engine folks and Australian as well wow

It has not got the look of Google or Yahoo as yet but I think it soon will; ok so MSN has one as well anyway check it out here or have a SQUIZ as we say here.

At the moment I am not that impressed with it but it has to get better, the law of averages says that

I was writing to a friend the other day and it was mentioned having a few bucks on the slots.

I am not too certain what states have them but I found it interesting as here in the land down under they are here in every state in casinos licenced clubs and quite a few hotels or pubs.

I must emend that slightly as I read there are none in Western Australia only in a casino there.

When I first came here the only state that had them was New South Wales and folks in Victoria got coach trips over the border just to play them.

That of course is finished and the bloody things are everywhere, gone are the days when you could pop into a pub for a drink and a chat, now you can still pop into a pub for a drink but nobody socialises anymore.

It was rumoured in NSW many years ago that these machines which in those days came from the USA were Mafia controlled but I could not swear to that.

I did read that the Bally Company in Australia represented by Jack Rooklyn (an Australian) was from Chicago and could have been Mafia controlled just hearsay of course.

Then there is Ainsworth the Aussie poker machine king and well over 80 here he is pictured below.

So I suppose summing up they are ok now and again but not 365 days per year or 363 as most clubs and pubs if they do open on Good Friday or Christmas day do not permit the playing of machines as far as I know.

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