Scouting today

I can hear the groans and moans already this is what you will hear.


We are all into my space and all these other social networks for example; it doesn’t mean a thing Mom and Dad Grandma and Grandpa.

But I assure you it really does you will never ever discover comradeship like the world scouting movement does not ever unless you count the military and come on be honest nobody really wants to be a soldier except the dedicated few (thank God for the dedicated few and draftees) I must not forget them guys.

After my previous whinge about you tube I found I had an excellent video clip on the centenary of world scouting so I have included it in this blog.

If I have put it on before forgive me as I may have being a bit long in the tooth now (what teeth lol).

All are welcome to join the scouting movement started by Lord Baden Powel one100 years ago now.

Originally it was a boy’s only affair but that stopped and the girls are very welcome.

As you can see by the video clip and there are others on the site scouts will or have climbed Mount Everest a mob from Hampshire in the UK.

Amazing huh when you think about it.

There is a scout den near my house but to be honest I have never seen any scouts here; there obviously is of course.

Now don’t laugh but I was a cub leader myself as a young man and I have a friend in the USA who is a scout leader of an all girl troop takes them camping etc I won’t mention the area she lives in as I think she wants to remain anonymous so I will honour her wishes.

There are no racial prejudices here or religious ones which I think are of our own making personally.

So come on enlist enroll whatever and put some fun back in your life you can always tell your pals on my space, I am a member of my space myself but I don’t quite understand it all; I still gave it a shot though.

Anyway have a squiz at the video it certainly makes a bloke think, it did me.

More info can be found on this site please click on it


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