I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Malcolm Fraser a former liberal conservative Prime minister way back has the right idea regarding Australia going to war, not of my political persuasion Mr Fraser said that he thinks our government should take a vote on whether to go to war or not.

I think he has a point a big one the Australian people are fed up funding a war which seems to be another Vietnam as are most of the American people.

After all the fuss and ado with the Iraqi campaign (which is still going on) we should never have got involved in the first place.

Now we are paying the price according to this ARTICLE the American congress do vote also as Malcolm says and I quote "The failure in Iraq demonstrates that the idea of American unilateralism has been extraordinarily destructive," he said. "The twin towers (attack) enabled them to establish an aggressive unilateral foreign policy … It was based on ideas that were doomed to fail.” unquote

Let us hope that whoever wins the 2007 federal election makes damn certain we implement this suggestion in the Parliament whilst at the same time withdrawing our troops.

It matters not what the Bush administration thinks one iota we must ensure that we do not continue with the stupidity the Bush administration seems to insist on.

We here are a sovereign nation and are not beholden to the likes of Bush and his lackey’s.

The American people get their chance soon to get rid of their commander in chief; I’m sure they will pick the right person for the job this time; they seem to be sick of him as well

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