Joost number one in free internet TV not to be confused with classic cinema online.

I have now been informed that Joost TV

Is now available to all and not just by invitation only which is good to know I do advertise it on my blog as invitation only but peoples that has now changed.

Do not confuse this with classic cinema online which I personally quite like there are many old movies on classic cinema on line my particular liking is the spaghetti westerns I saw so many years ago.

Take your pick folks I find them both good also on classic cinema online there is a chat room (chatty world central); this is also featured in the sidebar of my blog and I thoroughly recommend all of these sites.

There is none of the huge downloads which one gets if they use the bits torrent method either.

Once again I highly recommend classic cinema online and Joost. Just click on cinema.

Comments as usual are most welcome please click on the images to view them.

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