This is for all eBay fanatics


Well not fanatics but just people concerned about their security.


All we hear lately is news on spammers / scammers and sadly it’s getting worse, I had to pay my provider extra cash to keep spam out of my account needless to say a bit still slips through the net.

These lowlifes are also on eBay I have run foul of em so the odds are you will or have, nothing it seems is sacred these days except the mighty dollar, you are stepped on abused etc.

Not content with that these lower than low lowlifes resort to phoning you at meal times yeah tell me about it.

eBay has a video all about it; it might be a good idea to have a squiz at it I put it on this blog post, actually this is but one of 5 videos on eBay all have a similar message.

Since I spend a fair bit of time on eBay I figured I would pass this on plus a tip of my own which is when I sell to my own country I prefer to be paid by direct bank cash or online deposit, I use Paypal only if I purchase goods overseas.

I found it quite safe, a friend in Idaho told me she uses it and has had no problems, and a guy at my bank told me he uses it as well.

He also gave me some sound advice on buying by credit online, I won’t insult your intelligence by saying what advice, but you could ask at your bank or financial institution if you think you need advice ok eyes down look at the video.


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