Deaths from the second Iraqi War

The mind just boggles at the number of deaths in this country since the invasion of this strife ridden country a staggering 1,139,602 to be accurate, these I hasten to remind you are Iraqi deaths they include innocent men women and children.

Then there are coalition forces the largest number being American that’s pretty obvious they have the most troops there or did and are stretched to the limits.

The figures for those are horrendous. They are from 2003 and onwards.

This figure does not include deaths from the 1991 campaign either, what a bloody tragedy for all of us.

Not just deaths, injuries etc either it is costing billions to do this money that could be better spent

The number of US Military who have been sacrificed has been officially acknowledged

Between 700 to a maximum number of 1.500, 60 they are approximate but have still been acknowledged.

There are statistics from the WHO guess what run by an Arab good grief

We really should be ashamed of ourselves but then again maybe not.

There was a time when I stood up for these local folk in Iraq however I am changing my views somewhat as all it has done apart from the horrific body count has encouraged Muslims to get into our society and ruin it.

I am not a political correct person and never shall be, but these jokers are now trying to take over the everyday running of certain western countries, racism rears its ugly head here; I am not a racist but when it comes to these people well scum more aptly describes them; I am talking terrorists here and the suicide bombers not the ordinary ones who just want to get on with their life like us all, well then I guess I do have racial tendencies to loathe them.

Now we have this clown the Archbishop of Canterbury sticking his oar in where it is not wanted

Get rid of him Prime Minister Brown quick smart he always was a bit of a fool.

He hasn’t a clue what he is talking about; he never will sounds like he should be renamed the Grand Mufti of the UK from what I have read of his idiotic statements.

I have been reading an article about this on a blog I believe they are very biased against both Australians and Americans for continuing this war; it is a war against insurgents now so the ROE may have altered slightly; I’m all for that show no mercy at all it could be the death of one of our soldiers who don’t want to be there at all truth be told.

Why do they call mainly Americans the great Satan has me really baffled Islam came along after Judaism; look at the fuss and ado there.

The UK has a lot to answer for in this regard supporting Arab armies, training them even worse led them into battle, it is now coming back to haunt them but we should be very mindful of that; are we too late? Well not if we nip it in the bud right now.

But will we, yeah right I don’t think so

Who the devil do these Muslim fundamentalists think they are; I know what they are they are weak spined Arabs who encourage their children to be suicide bombers with rash promises of paradise while they still stay alive; COWARDS IS WHAT THEY ARE

At heart chuckling and laughing over their whiskey when they visit western countries along with call girls sometimes provided by their western hosts

Verboten in the Middle East but they get a liking for it all the same; one of the reasons Arabs are seen in Europe and America.

Look how they treat their women like beasts of burden is how, their women regardless of what you have read are second class citizens; I know I have seen it first-hand.

I was conned a couple of years ago by a once fellow blogger but not any more I have had enough that person and of the creatures who in reality have caused over 1.5 Billion lives’ Moslem's and coalition troops. Weapons of mass destruction creep into the equation here I reckon they were sent to Iran when things got a bit hot for that creep Saddam Hussein

What a tragic waste; it is rumoured oil started all this off well that could be right but when half baked clowns sound off about political agendas of certain American politicos I personally think they are wrong; I am not talking of any e-mail friends either, merely observing the manner and speeches of the US presidential campaign

I don’t really know a lot about American politics there is no need for me to do so really, I do hope however that our new Prime Minister Kev still allies itself with the United States over this.

I have had enough of writing about deaths that possibly could have been averted; it’s too bloody late now.

Now there are casualties’ some of whom will suffer for the rest of their days

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