Here we go again stupid Pommy Government


Claims what bloody claims

We meaning the coalition which does not just mean America, the UK or Australia is I should imagine getting a tad sick of all this crap posted on respectable websites.

This was still is a war against insurgents, we must back these guys to the hilt.

We may not like them being in Iraq but someone had to do it; do you think they like it there of course they don't

Our respective governments sent them there to do a job rubbish like this only hinders the efforts of these blokes who are many thousands of kilometres from their homeland obeying orders.

Now some Pommy Whinger wants it handed over to the British civilian police.

Get real will you for God’s sake.

It seems to me they were Prisoners of war, not a normal war either.

To the victor comes the spoils any bloody soldier will tell you that.

Usually solders are humane men there must have been a reason for these reports that as yet has not surfaced; it will I assure you.

Most soldiers are fairly good where prisoners are concerned; this is not a normal war youse idiots in Whitehall this is against insurgents who would send their own children into battle against you.

They are filth and monsters of the worst kind so should be dealt with accordingly.

I had quite a shock to read it on the so called esteemed BBC

This does not shock me at all Phil Shiner as you blithely said in the report.

You obviously have never engaged scum in battle like these.

Wake up to yourself will you

The British government in my opinion are getting weaker by the minute they need to put their house in order quick smart; yesterday would be good.

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