Space Debris plus The shuttle safe return

Success for the US Navy

I have been reading about the shooting down of a US owned satellite and all the ruckus this has caused notably with Red China and so called Democratic Russia with great interest, I have come to the conclusion that the satellite destroyed was American so who’s business is it, did the USA complain when the Red Chinese did the same thing with one of their own satellites well a little perhaps but not really why should they.

Who really cares what the Red Chinese Government think I don’t, I don’t think the US Government is stupid enough to incur the wrath of these two Governments either.

All they did was shoot the propellant tank which could well have been a major hazard.

Successfully as well so shut up China and Russia and worry about your own satellites in orbit.

Why America cannot test its capabilities is quite beyond me as I see it they did a dammed good job with remarkable precision

Yes the US Government did complain mildly after the Red Chinese did a similar thing; no big deal.

As I see it the Reds caused quite a lot of hazardous debris when they did it, the US Navy were spot on; good on them

Here is the video below just a demonstration shooting debris down from space.

Read about it on here if you are interested there are all sorts of arguments about it; I like that; we live in a free speaking world not like in Red China.

I have absolutely no ill feelings to Chinese citizens just their corrupt Government, I must stress this.

I am not that keen on old Vlad either in fact I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could spit but that’s me.

Welcome back to earth you blokes

Glad to see youse touched down safe and sound after your mission to the ISS which involved delivering the European built Columbus.

I noticed you never got shot down by one of your own missiles but I never figured you would.

All was ok they waited until you got home

Great to be back huh it is all on here should you care to read about it

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