Have we sold our souls Hmm?


Sharia Law in Western Countries

Simply put there should be no Moslem's in western countries the UK America and Australia, Canada and New Zealand should not have so many of this religious faith mainly from the Middle East.

I have not forgotten France and Germany in this either there are many of them there.

The German government was outraged at what the Archbishop said or appeared to say, I can’t say I blame them either.

There are exceptions some are from Pakistan, Bangladesh etc as these were former British crown colonies, but still of the Islamic faith.

I was raised as a Christian (this does not mean I am a good one far from it a lot of times) these other Moslem's all lobbed into our various countries as so called refugees.

We felt for these people so we took them in sometimes angering our own citizens out of the goodness of our hearts and also because there are agreements with the UN in place.

Now it seems they want to run our legal systems; well some do in the main this is not the case if you read this report.

The snag with all this is as much as I would dearly love to deport them it is not feasible

Most of them are honest law abiding citizens but you know the old saying a rotten apple sends them all bad.

Its gunna happen folks sadly a few years down the track, at least I won’t be here to see it but billions will.

Now a lot of us consider the war in Iraq (oh I’m sorry just a cleansing operation now) was over and the debate is still raging as to whether coalition forces invaded, I was always of the opinion it should never have happened; sadly it did.

I do think we should all get out of there now we have other enemies like Iran etc, I often wonder if Iran would take their aggressive stance towards the Coalition (mainly the USA) if we had not gone into Iraq boots and all.

Hmm will we ever know this I doubt it so now we have another megalomaniac to worry about; this will cost more lives, ours and theirs; enough blood has been shed already and lots of cash.

Iran is not going away either something has to be done.

I get e-mailed quite frequently regarding this Sharia law and am of the fervent opinion if one wishes to live in a Christian society one should abide by their rules

Just because in their own lands they are ruled by religious courts this has never been the case in western countries; the old saying applies here I reckon I quote “when in Rome do as the Romans do” unquote.

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