A great Idea

Stumble Upon and entirely free


I joined this last July 2007 and I have found a lot of camaraderie on it

The amount of things one can do on there are endless really you can find web pages, articles, videos from a lot of sites not just you tube either.

Friends can be made very easily you can review a page of any stumbler on it, (I have had a few) you can also blog, so ok it is not like Word press or BlogSpot (you can find those type of blogs on there of course) you can put images on your own blog on it but they must be taken from the web.

At this moment in time you cannot embed a video on there but I guess that will happen sometime down the track.

There is another option you can take up (I did) become a sponsor as Stumble calls it; the cost is just a mere American $20 per year.

With this option you get added privileges below are the details

  • Pages We Both Like feature to see what you have in common with other stumblers
  • Unlimited stumbling within favourites of your friends See People We Both Like when visiting other stumblAbility to Create New Groups
  • Have copies of all your messages emailed to you (both sent & received messages)
  • Longer message history on your inbox and contact tabs
  • Ability to Turn off Sponsored Stumbles

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

1 Year Membership: dollars

Well worth it in my opinion, there is a tool bar you can install (highly recommended) it shows a pair of hands so whilst browsing you just click on your preference.

If it is a site or video that has not been discovered you can quickly fill in the form as illustrated in much the same way as you save a bookmark into del.icio.us, another story

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