What a sad state of affairs

Our Parliament has turned into a farce

Four Opposition members were ejected for their unruly behaviour they showed utter contempt for our new Prime Minister Kev.

Proceedings had to be suspended twice; this used to happen with the old government now in opposition especially the then treasurer Peter Costello who acted like a silly smirking schoolboy in the house

Nothing has changed it seems

It seems it was his rostered day off (RDO) so an unruly mob of opposition MP”s had the hide to bring into these hallowed halls a full sized cut out of Kev

The opposition’s spokesman on indigenous affairs well he went even further calling it the RDO Rudd’s day off what a hide

All the this time Kev was visiting the flood ravaged city of MacKay in Northern Queensland and a New south Wales Indigenous community; just doing his job on his rostered day off good grief the opposition are a sad sorry lot

Read it on here or watch the video below

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