The Buzz word

Yup that’s right Buzz our very own Australian social network.

This is the site where most of us on it are true blues, I’m pretty sure I saw it on StumbleUpon which is what made me join, being a member there as well.

No harassment on this site like Facebook (FB) where most people are badgering you to get this and that application.

This means when you log on in the morning there are not umpteen applications for you to accept or deny; I deny most, every so often I go prune out what applications I have severely.

This problem is not as rampant on Buzz as FB

One can join a group on it or not it all lies in your hands, you can start a group, but no pressure to join one.

I found it a pleasant experience; if I write to a friend they usually write back, lots of times on FB they just don’t bother.

Reasons for this well yeah, on FB it is hard to find a friend; this is not so on Buzz.

This was a pleasant surprise finding how friendly most of them are on there.

Your kin another point in question, I had (note had) 4 close relatives on FB only one used to write the others well they just used me to find other friends, they then amassed heaps of friends; I deleted them forthwith.

One of my e-mail pals refused to join; her reason, they are too young for me; such rubbish, I am older than she is but I do ok on there.

It’s true a lot are much younger than yours truly but we still write the odd message

Three other friends did join however, so that cancelled her out with no worries.

Buzz also donates to various charities, not quite the same as the causes etc on FB and other sites, and it won't cost you a brass razoo; the site does the donating

Videos I shove up with no worries, photographs as well, there is even a blog on there; I shall put this on my blog on BlogSpot and on Buzz and StumbleUpon.

You can find out more about this site on this link; you will not be sorry I assure you.

All jokes aside I shall still stay as a member of FB, but I doubt I shall use it very much use it much.

Come on Aussies get up and join

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