An interesting theory

I am talking the Red Chinese Government here not ordinary citizens just thought I would make that very clear to one and all.

From now on I shall just refer to them as Reds, I have always thought of them that way.

We all (or most of us do) worry about the fundamentalist Moslems and their terror attacks, we wonder whether one day they will take over in our western citadels; and with good reason.

Has anyone ever considered the Reds; I have, my opinion is that they will eventually take over and dominate the world.

Take this business in Tibet, we must clamp down on them; but our respective governments will not.

The Reds marched into Tibet in the 1950’s and took over

Australian products are expensive due to high wages no doubt it is the same in the USA and UK; most western societies then.

Why don’t we curtail our trading with this autocratic government and concentrate on our own, we could possibly be better off financially in the long run.

Find other markets why allow the Reds the best of both worlds for example communism and capitalism, which at the moment they do

Methinks we are a tad frightened of them; and now this debacle in Poor Tibet.

I foresee another Tiananmen Square looming here.

They are blaming the Dalai Lama for this as you probably know but how is it his fault.

One is a peaceful man the other is in Australian parlance a right bastard I think we all know who the peaceful one is.

To be blunt it is not his fault it is the Reds fault; I get sick of seeing the bespectacled monster in Beijing smiling.

I recall when the USA boycotted the Moscow Olympics and most of us here said (and rightly so) sport and politics do not mix.

I have revised my thinking on this in regard to the Reds; all of us democratic nations should boycott them and bartering with them as well.

It’s no good sending strongly worded notes of protest like some countries have.

If we make them lose face for a change that will hurt the Reds more than anything

But will we no of course we won’t we will just blunder along letting them get away with it as usual.

Read here to see some violence caused by Red Chinese cops to Tibetan Monks, I reckon it is a bloody disgrace; personally I would be ashamed of myself to do a thing like this

Tibet, together with the disputed territories of Xinjiang and Taiwan, is at present the biggest headaches for China's leaders.

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