The Churchilian factor


One could say Thatcherism I guess in the battle to wreak back from the Argentine Junta of the day the Falkland Islands in the eighties.

Britain first of all had to save face after the Argentines took control first in South Georgia and then Port Stanley.

In March 1982 some argentine scrap dealers landed on the Island of South Georgia hoisting their flag, this brought on a fierce battle by the 22 Royal Marines stationed there, the whole action was condemned by the weakling UN Security Council; it’s still weak, some things never change.

The Brits under Thatcher got rather annoyed with this action especially when the only other British military defending these Islands consisted of a mere garrison of 80 Royal marines (naval party 8901) surrendered to a party of over 1150 Argentine special forces.

After all this, numerous and lengthy discussion at the UN The Brits hit back aided in part by logistic facilities from the USA at Ascension Island, the Airfield on there was leased to the USA which left Ronald Reagan a little embarrassed.

I have blogged this before over a year ago now; maybe more, these are just a few facts to jog your memory and to allow you to view these Videos which are in three parts.

The battle in the South Atlantic

The Falkland Islands is a group of islands first sighted by Captain John Davis in 1592 and the first recorded landing was made by Captain John Strong in 1690.

The Falkland Islands were originally controlled by the Spanish (Islas Malvinas). However, after Argentina gained its independence from Spanish rule, it began to show an interest in the Falkland Islands and in 1820 claimed possession of the territory. In 1882 a British naval squadron occupied the islands and claimed it as a crown colony.

When the Argentine gained its independence from Spain it ceded the Islands to the Argentine as I recall, so they did have a valid point I guess

After the 1982 conflict, the United Kingdom established a garrison on the Falkland Islands, consisting of naval, land and air elements.

The armed forces continue to protect the Falkland Islands today. Their mission is 'To Deter Military Aggression against the South Atlantic Overseas Territories'. The Falklands Conflict led the way in the Services working together, and this has continued to the present day. A combined force comprising members of the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy are based on the Islands.

The Falkland Islands are a dependent territory of the UK and will remain so for as long as the Islanders wish to.

The situation in the South Atlantic has changed substantially since the conflict. Argentina is now a democracy, committed to the peaceful resolution of issues over the Islands.

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