The largest and deadliest hunter-killer submarine ever

HMS Astute is the largest and deadliest hunter-killer submarine ever built and has been launched 4 years late at a stupendous cost to the suffering British taxpayer.

Said to be more technologically and much more complex than the space shuttle it is longer than any submarine yet.

It is as long as a soccer pitch which makes it almost 97 metres long and supposedly as wide as four London Double Decker buses, an awesome beast by all accounts, the specifications are below this.

Nuclear powered and a stealth sub with a speed in excess of twenty knots so pretty fast I reckon, I wish our navy had one, it sure would frighten a few illegal’s if she surfaced by them.

In fact it is the first Stealth submarine of the Royal Navy

Her SONAR is so advanced that reports indicate that she could pick up the noise of a ship leaving New York from the English Channel; details on how are naturally classified in case you are wondering the distance is around 3000 nautical miles.

I wonder what the French call the English Channel oh just a thought lol.

Pretty quiet as well it makes less noise than a Baby Dolphin

It has a lifespan of twenty five years and could remain submerged for twenty five years big groans from the crew; that could never happen obviously as the crew need a break plus food.

Oxygen and water is made on-board amazing the technology we have today I reckon

More info is on here

At the moment she is undergoing a seagoing trials for one year and is supposed to go into service in august 2009 although I did read somewhere it was august of this year

Probably that is when she becomes operational thinking about it.

38 Tomahawk cruise missiles with a very long range plus torpedos.

A 98 man crew will be aboard her the idea being she will remain at or under the sea for three months.

No nuclear weapons for this baby though that is left to the Vanguard class of sub.

Three more of these babies are on the board as well maybe I’ll get to see one I sure hope so.

Here is an interview with its commander you may find it of interest

It will be based in Faslane in Scotland

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