A tribute to all souls lost on the Kurst

This Russian Submarine K-141 called in Russian as Атомная подводная лодка "Курск" on August 12 2000 was sadly lost with all souls onboard in the Barents Sea.

Her name came from the Russian city of Kursk; this city has the distinction of where the largest tank battle in military history took place in 1943.

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Kursk was known by NATO as Oscar 11 it was one of the first ships built after the USSR became a sort of democracy casting aside communism, although there have been many attempts to go back; as yet it has not.

This class of ship was it seems the largest attack submarine whether that applies to all countries I just don’t know; it was 154 metres long and four stories in height, massive I reckon.

She was part of Russia’s Northern fleet launched and commissioned in 1994; she carried out a recon mission in 1999 or near about, a successful one against the U S Navy’s sixth fleet.

I think this was in the Kosovo war according to what I have read on various articles about her.

The flagship of the northern fleet was the Pyotr Velikiv; in the August of 2000 this ship was going to be the target of the Kursk in a training exercise, whilst performing evasion techniques communications were lost with the Kursk which sadly suffered a terrible torpedo detonation; the Flagship zealously guarded the area at the time.

Reports on this were very slow in coming naturally due to this particular country’s addiction to secrecy still they are not alone there I guess.

One credible report I read was the magnitude of this explosion 100-250 kilogramme of TNT and strike, me 2.2 on the Richter scale, bloody hell.

The BBC has a report of this

No need to tell you some of the grisly facts really but what stuck in my craw was Vladimir Putin the Russian president waiting 5 days before making a public comment; what’s new with politicos they are all tarred with the same brush I reckon, but worse he found time to send birthday greetings to a well known actress from his holiday hideaway in Sochi.

His excuses pissed me off; western politicos at least have the dignity of attending a shocking thing similar to this

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