The internet is a drug surely not


The internet has now being seen as a major addiction for lots of us, I tend to agree, just like this article states, I get wild if my connection goes for starters, maybe not for the same reasons mooted in the article but a lot of it is true for sure.

I lose all sense of time, get cranky when the phone rings especially if it is a telemarketer, they really cop one.

Forgetting to eat until very late at night, or skip the meal I should be eating now but I am not, do I care nope I don’t.

It says you should visit a shrink if you suffer these symptoms, do I look worried, of course not but I should, methinks maybe you should but like me you won’t

A friend of mine who I like very much is on the internet every minute she can find.

Now she does not blog (if so it is news to me) but she chats and plays games (as do I) until she falls asleep, don’t laugh I have too, I probably still will, yes I will I just know it.

I tease her about it saying her friends are in the black case she carries around, I carry one too.

Will we stop I don’t think so as there is so much information on the net.

You can join social networking sites, I have, some good some not so good.

Then there are videos to consider, yup videos so you go and put videos up on you tube and other sites I know of and am a member of.

Ah then you can e-mail the link to all your e-mail pals, they return the gesture.

I’m typing this between meal courses as I felt so hungry.

This Doctor Block was not just quoting us he was quoting Korea and China.

Who cares we in Western nations are just as bad, no worse their turn will really come.

Cripes I’m starving just a few more minutes (did I say that) I’m a liar hungry or not, hey you know what my hunger is subsiding, oh goody now I can really get going.

After I check my e-mail of course, maybe squizzed at a few videos, oh hell it is getting a tad late, no it is early the wee hours in fact.

Is it really that late surely not yup it is tomorrow go to bed Whizzer you have to be up in 4 hours.

OMG 4 hours I have to do the dishes yet, Hmm run water on them let em soak and do them in the morning er today

I know I’ll take a sandwich to bed with me; the laptop is already on the bed.

I need counselling yeah I’ll book an appointment, next year sometime

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