Chinese brutality at it’s very best

Most folk wonder why I am not a lover of the Red Chinese Government but I don’t really care I just don't love them and this video clip is not about their government as much as their bloodthirsty citizens not all of them naturally but a lot are mere babes and children one wonders why these babes are allowed to see such cruelty . This is merely one of many disgusting bestial things that the Red Chinese allow; they have good reasons for permitting this and here is my government kowtowing to them every step of the way. But first of all I am reminding them of the disgusting manner in which they portrayed themselves during the battle of Tiananmen Square.

Freedom to the Chinese will not be allowed in my lifetime I know that as a certainty but it may happen; it did in Russia after all but nobody really knows. Look at the way they decided to make Tibet part of China again as I believe it was very many years ago long before Mao and his band of thugs took charge. Tibet was once the happiest land on Earth; traditionally ruled by the Dalai Lama but in 1949 those thugs invaded under the label of the peoples liberation Army they even used MIG Fighter aircraft to attack Lhasa the capital city of Tibet. The occupation of Tibet has completely changed lives and lifestyles of Tibetan Citizens and not to better them indeed they are much worse off now under the harsh regime of these Chinese thugs. During the invasion and even now I read Monks and Nuns were raped in Chinese prisons this is the same Government Mr Howard you kowtow to. It is a wonder you can sleep at night I sure couldn’t. The Dalai Lamas photos are banned; according to a document captured by guerrillas who fought the Chinese army from 1959 until 1960 the number of Tibetans killed after torture and the inevitable starvation that followed exceeded a million so I would say many more now. Your barbaric practices are much known by us in the west so not only Tiananmen Square then but the bestial zoos you have Here first is a video on the massacre of your own citizens who stood up to you well they gave it their best shot I don’t suppose they actually thought that you thuggish lot would go through with it. And here is the one of the bestial zoos you maintain one wonders is it to keep your people bestial! Surely not as I write to a lot of Chinese or did but it is getting harder for them to write I have noticed Sourced

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