Nothing new really just a Whinge

This sort of thing happens quite regularly here in Oz to be honest; mine was acting up last night quite a lot very annoying when one is instant messaging etc.
It mentions on here it was resolved by 10.30 PM well I can tell you I was in bed then but it was still happening today so that report is sheer B/S what’s new with newspaper reporting I guess we are all inured to it by now; the thing is it should not be happening at all; Telstra is obviously at fault in my opinion not a humble one either I just tell the truth as I see it.

Something else I am not happy about is my ISP (WESTNET) who up till now have been a very good provider but today they certainly got my e-mail accounts in a right old mess.

The Westnet Whinge

They insisted I had a different address such baloney I have two addresses one was ok and one was not and yet I could send myself a message on it.
They are on the ball when your account is due but not on things like this.
In all honesty I must say this is the first time since I have used them as my ISP that they got things horribly wrong, they have messed up at times true however the fact remains that they did so I reckon I have a legit reason for a grumble.

Mind you if they don’t pull their socks up I shall find another provider.

The Telstra/Bigpond Whinge

Deep down though I suspect Telstra is at the root of all broadband connections noticed their shares lately have you.
Their commander in chief gets a larger salary than our present incumbent Prime Minister’s how big and generous of Telstra’s shareholders to grant this I (don’t think).
The sooner we get a fibre optic network the better in my opinion.
I read all this rubbish in our newspapers (online naturally) but the standard of reporting is slack bloody slack.
I may make the occasional error it’s true but I try to research a post before I post it on the internet.

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