Lots of activity up in space

Seems the Atlantis mission has been on overtime up above whilst we all ate worked and slept or whatever.

2 days and nights overtime hmmm with danger money wow.

In all seriousness they fixed up the Atlantis so it will re-enter our atmosphere safely.

Whilst on the ISS itself a couple of Russian crew member’s re-booted the station’s computer after a repair job on them to fix oxygen, it seems they have 6 processors up there now all are fully operational and the computer glitches vexed engineers in Moscow; they vex me as well lol this report courtesy of the good ole BBC

Sunita Williams pictured here now holds the record for being the longest human in space and did say people tend to forget things are still very dangerous up here in space she sure got that right.

This image from NASA TV shows the crews from the Space Shuttle and international space station holding a joint news conference, Saturday, June 16, 2007. Front row space station flight engineer Clayton Anderson, Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin, flight engineers Sunita Williams and Oleg Kotov. (AP Photo/NASA TV)

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