Our long weekend the Queen's Birthday weekend

Yes our long weekend the head of states official birthday and Kerrie-Anne-Walsh writing in the Sydney Morning Herald wants it stopped; the excuses are so mundane excuses like Elizabeth has ruled over us for 55 years WRONG we are a monarchy true but we have a duly elected government who in effect governs our lives wake up Kerrie; she’s been here for 15 brief visits so what the less the better; if you did your homework Kerrie you would find that when the government a long time ago asked the Brits for her salary it was refused why should the good old Aussie taxpayer shell out hard earned Bucks to pay for her visit.

Hence fewer visits Kerrie not very bright are you for a news hound.

At the same time we cannot see the harm in having a public holiday at the governments excuse whatever the reason.

Note well that the average Brit does not get this holiday by the way.

A flag marshal and you don’t know what it means Kerrie so look it up in the Dictionary, just going on what you wrote in your article how did you score your job you don't need this holiday I agree so I hope you stayed at your desk.

The average Aussie will take a holiday ok whatever it’s for but you need some education still so I suggest you swat up on your history lessons.


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