So they are at it again


I am talking of the Japanese now with their whaling programme; and I don’t like the idea of them stirring up trouble trying to get at what we regard as our whales.

If the Australian and New Zealand governments cannot stop the Japanese from this farce of killing the Minke Whale for scientific research why do they want our Humpbacks; I’ll tell you why plain and simple it is for them to eat greed is written all over their faces and it really gets up their noses when Greenpeace has a shot at them I am with Greenpeace all the way let them import their food like other countries who are in a similar position to the Japanese.

There is a moratorium on this subject and the Japanese are doing their damdest to walk over the rest of the world.

We need support on this we don’t need whale flesh to eat; we don’t need by-products from whales anymore nor do the Japanese either; there are times when I seriously wonder who beat Japan in W11 Americans and their allies gave into them far too easily in my opinion.

Now I read how the Queen of the UK and several commonwealth countries sat down and had dinner with the Emperor of Japan who in days not so long ago was regarded and indeed treated like a God instead of a normal human being like most of us.

I do not believe in war especially in today’s climate but when the Japanese were finally thwarted over their horrendous acts towards several countries in my area on the Pacific Rim; the supreme penalty should have been paid by the head of this small nation.

It was not of course and is far too late to emend it in fact we should not emend it in my opinion but it gets me going when I read and see on my TV the way in which the Japanese treat anything and anybody.

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