An interesting weekend I guess

Actually it started a couple of days prior to the weekend’s fun and games with the installation of Vista Business and office 2007 I was a little wary and am not quite used to it as yet.

At this moment in time I don’t recommend it my main grievance being that a lot of necessary programmes I use will not run on a Vista installation and this I might add includes antivirus and I did read on here it also affects messenger services I have not yet tried that out but to my utter disgust I could not use my choice of an antivirus programme that alone annoyed me.

You can customise it a tad and kind of make some programmes look like windows XP, I did this at first but then thought no as after all it is a different system entirely and one cannot learn that way I figure that one note is something like word pad or notebook but very different as indeed is word itself.

On the other hand it may not be as I can still use notepad that was installed with my old installation of windows XP

It also seems to have an annoying habit of turning the monitor screen black after clicking on certain things, I discovered this in outlook office mainly but it then reverts to the usual colour.

I have only just found out how to enable my custom dictionary as it kept reverting to American English which I don’t use; don’t get me wrong here I could enable it but only for each e-mail but all is well now.

As usual click on the images to view them they are of vista you can see the black I mentioned on the screenshot of my desktop; in actual fact it all goes black briefly for a second or so before it comes good.

Will you buy it or won’t you that is the question it is not cheap but the home edition may be; home Premium or ultimate I read but I just have a business edition which was very expensive but then again it can be put on at least ten computers of your own a fee is paid to Microsoft annually for this.

So go up to the pub or club discuss it with your mates and choose after a beer of course.

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