Washington lighthouse, Hong Kong 10 years on, Atlantis return and the great Aussie petrol rip off.

A friend of mine took a party of scouts to see this lighthouse I was amazed to see how orderly it was on this picture.

There is a great website if you wish to go see it and get some more facts here

I know we have them here as I have been to a couple but this one in Sequim WA really does look in tip top condition, I guess they are not really needed now in this day and age but it seems they still have a lighthouse keeper, I do believe the light is lit but could not swear to it.

Its also hosts wildlife and there are restricted areas but most marine life that are not in a restricted area are still protected as indeed they should be in my opinion.

This is definitely well worth seeing if I ever get there and I am determined I will visit I shall go and look naturally.

Hong Kong ten years on yeah well according to this news report Great Britain was definitely not snubbed at the celebrations and they were rather proud of the world class success by HK officials but would like the democratic process sped up a tad the Chinese mob in Beijing may well say this was not the case but of course it was.

The Chinese want the best of both worlds no doubt one of the reasons for the snubbing but really I don’t care the lease on HK was up ten years ago and that was that.

Welcome to Terra Firma brave crew of the Atlantis especially Sunita Williams world record holder for the longest human in space.

This mission was put back for 3 months but in the end succeeded with doing the job it did a lot of work to the solar arrays on the ISS; this will provide electrical power for Europe’s Columbus laboratory.

I bet Sunita found it strange after so much time in free fall.

You all did a great job I reckon.

Yeah the great petrol rip off I reckon they should be gaoled myself a bunch of crooks is all they are, its all on here.

The head of the ACCC wants to gaol these crooks that are found guilty of price fixing and my view is yep do it it might make the greedy swine think a bit more; lets face it if I did this or it was a share fixing gaol would be on the cards so why should they get away with it is my thinking.

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