What a cruddy bunch of wimps especially New Scotland Yard

Who does New Scotland Yard think they are good grief they make blue after blue after blue with information on the cruddy way we here in Australia handled the Haneef affair, then they decline to comment.

Both countries made a huge blue with what transpired and it is my considered opinion that heads should roll namely the Commissioner of our Federal Police, Keelty and the immigration Minister Kevin Andrews.

In addition, while we are at this exercise get rid of the head of New Scotland Yard, as they are as much to blame as our blokes. Well worse as they lied about the circumstances.

Oh, no, they decline to comment as though they were still running an empire; both countries officials acted abominably but the stance taken by the pommy cops takes some beating.

It reminds me of the time my pension was due from the pommy government; I phoned the British High commission in Canberra in response to a letter sent by these clowns to my Australian address; their answer was you are not entitled as you live in Canada what a hoot.

When I tried in vain to tell the arrogant pommy sheila on the phone she just dismissively said HER BRITTANIC MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES I reckon you can guess my reply.


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