A selection of Aircraft and Warships

Thanks to a friend in the USA (I won’t mention her name without permission) I have just only found out about this and by cripes its free you can up grade it though and I shall do so no risk.

It comes out as a flash product from any images you upload whether they are from your own personal computer or on an image site; I reckon it’s a top idea.

You can put music on your production and there are a few themes to choose from

I am hoping that if I upgrade it to the paid version there will be a greater selection of themes and music

Maybe one can put their own music on the shows created!! You can put your finished product onto a CD-Rom I noticed

So it would sure make a beaut gift for somebody to send to their friends and kin

I will find out tomorrow after good nights sleep. Meanwhile enjoy the test flight I made.

I like the shot of the Stealth, the Canadian Air force's Chopper and the USS Kitty Hawk in Victoria Harbour Hong Kong hell I like them all

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Comments most welcome

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