Weather In South East Queensland

The weather here since Christmas day has in my opinion been shocking it has hardly stopped raining there is now flood warnings being issued as I type. Click on all images to view

Today on the Sunshine coast it averaged out at 40 millimetres it has been like that for a good ten days I think as it was raining prior to Christmas day the temperature is not average by any means and folk will possibly smile in the Northern Hemisphere but folk here although the average Temperature is (25C approximately) it feels cold to us especially older folk.

The rest of Australia seems to be enjoying hot weather lucky them although they need rain also.

A friend of mine in Coonamble NSW in her weather report told me it was hot and they have just gone through some very bad flooding there.

Here are a couple of images she sent me I did receive more but these appeared the worse well I thought so.

This is the Castlereagh River which is usually dry

At least the weather in Sydney was fine so the cricket test between India and Australia continued; surprisingly we scored a large total in the first innings despite being on the ropes with a pitiful score from some of our top batsmen.

Thanks to Andrew Symonds (who made a remarkable score) and the tail Enders who also scored well including our newcomer and of course Brett Lee we made a remarkable recovery finishing all out for 463

India lost 3 wickets for 192 by stumps tonight.

With 3 more days to go I am putting my money on Australia still I would I guess?

I thought the umpiring bad as in my opinion Symonds was out at least twice and the commentators agreed with me.

There is now the usual argument raging as to why he did not walk as he knew he was out.

In a nut shell cricket is no longer the Gentleman’s game it once was.

This link here is yesterdays report

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