A puny effort by Rudd

It is my opinion that the decision (or is it a decision) to send a Customs vessel to pick up the protestors of the Japanese whaling fleet is a bloody piss poor effort on the part of the new Australian government even though the previous government kowtowed to the Japanese also.

Get your finger out Kev old mate and do the job you were elected to do.

Looked at interest rates lately have you? Nah course not too busy signing the Kyoto protocol.

Dishing big hand outs to the state premiers as well.

You’ve had enough time now to assimilate yourself into the nation’s top job.

Now these whalers kick em out send a couple of warships not a bloody customs vessel you are making us the laughing stock of the world.

They may and most likely are a nuisance but you had help from the greens to take the helm of our country so send warships to thwart those little jokers ASAP

Do you recall the war in the Pacific? I thought not well these jokers do not need whales for research they eat whales.

They nearly beat us in WW2 never forget them apples so finger out and make sailing orders pronto.

The link on here will furnish more info meanwhile I hope all you good folk have a squiz at today’s news from Australia below

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