Quilting for the ladies Click to enlarge. I was amazed whilst chatting away to a friend of mine when I asked why she was taking so long to answer and found she was quilting. She then told me quite a bit about it I jokingly asked if there were unions for such people and found that yes there was called Quilting Guilds; I decided to blog it as there may be ladies out there who do not realise about this; lets face it I never still I am just a guy lol. It seems they are all over the place including my own country Looking on here and this I might add is one of many sites in the USA they are called chapters etc. In fact it reminded me of stuff like the Mason’s to be honest; it got kind of interesting in fact I got to bed rather late doing this short post for ladies who pursue this art; well I think it an art. It is intricate work much like crocheting I guess but not for me although I do confess I can sew and at one time knitted mittens etc So ladies maybe you should consider joining one of these chapters I mean you will meet friends with similar interests as yourself and I guess they socialise as well from all accounts Comments most welcome

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