Whales in the Antarctic and Cricket

The Japanese are breaking international treaties in the Antarctic the New Zealand and Australian governments are not happy with this and I don’t blame them.

Why should this (in my opinion) barbaric race of people decide they need whale flesh for research when the whole world knows it is sold in the shops or stores bistros etc as a food.

Think back you WW2 veterans if you were captured by this mob in those days you had to exist on measly scraps of rice thrown at you like dogs, their language in those far off days sounded liked guttural barks of command.

These same people who lost (or did they) the war is now imposing on the western world again.

We buy their cars computers and what have you but they are not content with that no sir.

Now they are killing a harmless creature (could it be whales don’t fight back hmm) who just in the main hurts nobody and just eats plankton.

A good site for the history of whaling in Australia and when it ceased can be found here, I recommend it.

It must be said that all these anti whaling protesters with their ships can endanger their lives and others at times; the bill for Australia to send a ship even only a customs vessel costs a considerable amount of money to the Aussie taxpayer (Paul Shepherd take note) at the same time I do admire them for their tenacity although I wonder at times if it is just a game to them.

This idiot here has other ideas it seems he sounds like a Brit comparing whales eating precious ducks bloody clown.

So yeah Cricket and I reckon that India are in the box seat tonight with day three coming up as I must say India put on a great batting display yesterday at stumps on the third day today we were still 204 runs behind a position Australia’s cricket team has not been in for some considerable years is the tide turning I wonder!!

The batsmen who I thought starred really well were Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Mathew Hayden and Punter Ponting; all bowlers really had to work hard for their wickets.

Ah yes and Adam Gilchrist made history by his test keeping record he leads the list in all cricketing nations; it seems he is going to retire according to this report

Adam is a true sportsman who walks when he knows he is out not like most other batsmen, I applaud him for that.

According to this news report the game is destined to become a draw.

There was a brief ceremony at the Adelaide cricket ground this morning to remember Australia day and also India’s national republic day

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