Some of us are taking the Indian/Australian Cricket as gentlemen

In my opinion, the Indian team are and although I want Australia to win, it must be done in a fair contest.

I can hear the wowsers now saying but this is the twenty first century not the eighteenth. So what: rules are rules and should be adhered to and the game must be played in the spirit of the game, at the moment it's not.

After watching the second test match between India and Australia I thought the umpiring a bloody disgrace.

A noted batsman/bowler Andrew Symonds blatantly admitted to being out twice; he was too I saw it.

Bad sportsmanship on the game as a whole

He was not the only one the umpires well I have no words really to describe them needless to say two of them have been dropped for the test match in Perth.

The well known and respected English umpire Richard Bird Affectionally known as Dickie Bird now retired suggested that the West Indian Umpire should retire he is well over that age now to make responsible decisions. another decision of out and boy Dickie is right

The video umpire needs a kick up the backside as well in my opinion.

It is my considered opinion that our opponents the Indian eleven acted a damn site more gentlemanly than our team

Full marks must go to Sachin Tendulkar India’s hero with his magnificent score.

The racial remarks on the field of play must be stamped out at once and it’s no use Australian players denying it let’s face it they have been doing it for years and the sledging that goes on is unreal.

Having been an avid cricket fan for years I know full well that our team is considered the worst in the world when it comes to sledging (making snide remarks and worse to unsettle the batsmen)

Harbhajan Singh was singled out in my view with his so-called racial remarks to Andrew Symonds (not that he did not have cause to as he did), because he is a very fine spin bowler and was taking too many wickets.

Outcome of this; he was suspended for three matches The India team arrived in Canberra yesterday for a match against an ACT Invitational eleven, hoping to put the past week behind them and resume playing. The tour was suspended for two days when the Board of Control for Cricket in India ordered the players to remain in Sydney in protest at the three-match ban imposed on the spinner Harbhajan Singh for allegedly making a racist remark to the Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds.

A quote from John Bertram "John Bertrand, a sailor who won the America's Cup in 1983, who is the chairman of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame wants a meeting with Cricket Australia to demand that the players show more respect to opponents. Unquote" he is certainly right in that.

Ok we play hard and fast as any team should but this goes beyond the pale; look back in your history Australian cricketers and think about the famous bodyline that the old Dart dished out to us who whinged then we did forgotten that have you yeah I figured that.

The time is right to have a friendly meeting between the two teams have a heart to heart discuss it be reasonable

To be frank you looked at times like a pack of wild beasts on the pitch

More on Cricket Australia here if you can be bothered

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