What a sick sight for us westerners who would want this I don't for sure

Why do we have to put up with these invaders from Islamic countries?


Good question simply put our successive governments administrations call it what you will permitted it.

What utter fools we all were and now sadly we are all paying the price and what's more we have raving lunatics like the American civil liberties union and like-minded unions in other western countries taking their side.

The political correctness policy our administrations have permitted has gotten completely out of sync for what it was originally designed for.

Ok so some smart ass will say but you have permitted foreigners to obtain legal resident status

A simple answer to that one is we felt sorry for them living in the filthy conditions found in their own lands further more a lot were genuine refugees escaping terrorist regimes, we were just being humane.

Look where it got us 9/11 the Bali bombings and many more all tainted with Islamic fundamentalists and their suicide bombers etc.

Look at this jerk could he do what he is doing in his own country, of course he could not it's just one more reason why he moved to a western country.

Israel was a prime example of this thanks to the PLO and HAMAS; things seem to have quietened down there somewhat now thankfully.

Meanwhile honest folk of Christian religious beliefs have to put up with this.

WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE? As I see it the ACLU was originally formed to redress wrongs in America long before these Muslims decided that America and other western countries was their version of the true paradise

I don’t know about you but I am heartily sick of em, a lot of us may not be good Christians but most of us were raised to be, besides it is your country and mine I am talking here not some crackpot Middle Eastern land.

Swarthy bearded individuals who deny their women any rights in most cases; do we do that maybe but rarely, on the whole we are all equal today and I second that.

A racist I’m not but when these people continue doing what they are doing I think a line has to be drawn here.

Take note will you Harper, Rudd, Brown and Bush of all this.

So why are they all still here are they better workers? Well in some cases that is possible and this brings up illegal immigrants rife in America; mainly from Mexico I won’t buy into that today, in any case it's none of my business.

On the whole this is not the case I myself am sending a copy of this to my Prime Minister whether it will do any good is up to God’s will (note not Allah we speak English here just like the average American) I was prompted to some extent to write this by some images of some happenings in the Old Dart, they are not recent ones by the way, click on them to enlarge them.

Just look at the helpless look on the Brit cop’s face I felt sorry for him

Thank goodness we have to get permits in most states to demonstrate, mind you that is mostly ignored.

Now I do realise that most western countries are or were obliged to accept some refugees according to some UN statute.

The United Nations is in my opinion a sick and sorry mob perhaps if they did the job correctly we may not have been in this sorry predicament today.

The UN should enforce the peace not keep the peace, there is a big difference in construing this, remember taxpayer’s money from all countries in this weak organisation pay dues and pay their military to be part of a UN force in troubled areas of the globe.

Getting back to the article I am writing I tend to wander at times age possibly who cares

It’s about time we stopped and closed up shop not an easy thing to do sadly, we have left it rather late I fear; all of us have if we are honest none of our so called esteemed leaders have much foresight; we voted these clowns into power remember that.

One solution is to vote them out of office once the chance rolls around again.

Hopefully the next administration of the USA will take steps to remedy this situation but I doubt it very much.

I imagine it will be much the same in my country, it’s said the pen is mightier than the sword but I have my doubts at times big ones at that.

Canada has just the same problems so I have read; also Canadian friends inform me of some events there; to be honest it sounds like they are suffering the same problems Australia, America and the UK has

Obviously other European countries suffer the same problems.

I sent a video to a friend in Arkansas the other day; I was assured by him that Americans should see it.

Depicting mainly the US Military helping AND defending other peoples homeland from tyranny, so have a squizz it's worth looking at.

Is anyone grateful Hmm I don’t think so, we also help in our way, help and aid is always forthcoming from Australia we mainly concentrate on our neighbours on the Pacific rim sadly we do not have the cash or resources the American government has else we obviously would help a lot more than we do.

I recall certain governments hostile to America (and us) asking for aid when they suffered an earthquake; something like that anyway and as usual aircraft were or had been dispatched.

This was the same country who embarrassed our allies remember Tehran I damn well do.

Conclusion WAKE UP AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, the UK and other coalition countries before it’s too late.

Somehow I rather think it is.

Comments most welcome where are you Bin Laden.

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