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Elections Elections Elections All we seem to read or hear these days is elections last year Kev ran and won in Australia, on Tuesday it was time for a new American President who scored an incredible win over his lacklustre Republican rival. Now the tide has turned yet again against the ruling New Zealand labour party...for the first time in nine years a conservative will run this tiny country. John Key is his name he has been in the NZ opposition party for a mere six years. John a former currency trader who is Jewish and conservative promises change but not where nuclear ships are concerned which annoyed the USA a few years back now...it threatened the ANZUS Treaty I recall that well. We are of the same opinion here in good old OZ and yet a blind eye was turned for us. A lot of problems in NZ most don't know about one of which is the Maori Party. John Key does not need their support but is going to ask them as a matter of courtesy I assume...I applaud that Sadly Helen had no personality like this guy or our esteemed leader. I cannot offer an opinion as to the U S President Elect at this time re personality but he certainly was wanted ...that pleased me More of this can be read here

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