Medvedev a meddler or mischievous

I see there are Russian warships in the Caribbean to begin so called exercises with the Venezuelan Navy. This just happens to come at a time when Meddler Medvedev visits this South American Country (I smell oil) he's Definitely not the Khrushchev type or is he it looks to me as though he is throwing down the gauntlet to President Elect Obama. Typical of a man like him he knows full well that the USA is in the process of changing Presidents. I read about exercises and coincidences; I don't believe in coincidence, there is a method in this bloke's madness. Lookee here "Of course these are not times of Cuba and missiles in Cuba" says Teodoro Petkoff, a journalist. For what it is worth I reckon Medvedev is trying it on knowing full well the strain this will place on President Elect Obama. If this is not a provocation why does the Venezuelan president keep stating that it is not of course it's a provocation the American President Elect has enough worries as it is without this meddler. It's obvious to me at least that he is after a warm water port at the same time it seems he is putting the pressure on President Elect Obama. Can you just hear the whinges of him and Putin were the position reversed? I can. I took this blog from my blog on StumbleUpon partly to permit a wider audience to read it, I'm talking the likes of Technorati now But you can read it on this site

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