I don't like this at all

This is just big brother Rudd one idiotic Prime Minister who has let the job go to his head. Who the hell does he and the rest of our federal government think they are? In the beginning I thought he was an ok bloke but no the man is a devious snake who has allowed his power to go to his head. I shall not vote for the Australian Labor party again. He is going to block 10,000 websites from our right to view them. I think he should get off his backside and apologise look how he treated GW Bush now he thinks all Australians are idiots as well. These websites might be bad sites but it is our right as free individual’s to view what content we please. Conroy is just as bad indeed the whole Caucus is for allowing this sort of thing. I would describe this as the work of an oily heap of crap, Rudd it seems is one smooth talking bastard; not the Mr nice guy he strives to show the world Read all about this on this site

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