Is China a Petulant Child

I see the Red Chinese government is acting like a spoiled child once more what can you expect from a communist regime? I was not aware his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama lived in China. The reds seem to have forgotten that also the fact they just upped and reclaimed Tibet like they did. Of course most of us realise that The Red Chinese Government has considerable power in the world today, a country that uses our system but at the same time denounces it. Yeah I know the 14th Dalai Lama is a sore point with them don’t you just love it I do it makes that high and mighty HU (well he thinks he is the man) look just like a dork I just love that. Make no mistake the Red Chinese Government are murderers think back to Tiananmen Square. He kicked up a stink when the Dalai Lama came here as I recall and our (at the time John Howard) PM had to be nagged and nagged until public pressure made him speak to his holiness. What will happen with Kev at the helm is anyone’s guess I do know prior to taking office he snubbed the gentleman this was in May 2007 and was more or less forced to meet him things hopefully may have changed somewhat now. But now it appears not according to our very own ABC online. The reason oh just the usual jaunt around the world; at the taxpayer’s expense of course so he has delegated this job to the Government leader in the senate, our deputy PM jetting off to New Zealand. According to the ABC Rudd denies avoiding his Holiness; I guess he would have had to say something like that. Comments most welcome


  1. GriffieMae29.11.08

    Always am interested in anything and everything in relation to The Dalai Lama and /or Tibet. Red China needs a reality check and attitude adjustment administered by a swift, strong, and direct hit to the side of the head! Avoid The Dalai Lama...of course Rudd did. Rudd is totally caught up in kissing ass which totally explains that brown stuff around his lips!

  2. Thank you for the comment, Rudd will continue to avoid him is my guess.
    Pretty good for a wealthy man and a fluent speaker of Mandarin... he loves the perks of his job sadly.
    You are quite correct of course