Meet The new 44th President of the USA

This gentleman will be sworn in in January 2009 as the 44th President of the USA

You made the correct choice America in my opinion most of the world thinks so also...Obama carried Ohio for the first time since 1964 it is now a Democrat state the results for Iowa were astounding seriously America you have to clean up your act and Senator Obama is the man I reckon to do the job not some old bloke of 72 with a budding barbie doll as a vice president.

Ok so he’s a war hero so what a lot of us are we don't tell the world that or use it to get elected most heroes are modest

A new broom sweeps clean we found when we elected a new leader late last year.

In some states there was not a lot in it but over all senator Obama will sworn in as your 44th President in January2009 succeeding the sitting Incumbent G W Bush pictured below


  1. Anonymous5.11.08

    I'm in agreement - we all need to let bygones be bygones and rally round this guy.

  2. I figure youse do yes thanks for the comment anonymous