Governor of New Mexico a large consideration

American Democrat officials today said Barack Obama is seriously considering Hillary Clinton or Bill Richardson to be his secretary of State. Richardson the New Mexico Governor has a fair bit of foreign policy under his belt with good qualifications these include a UN ambassadorship in the Clinton Administration plus diplomacy qualifications in the Sudan and North Korea. For what it is worth I reckon Hilary will be asked personally as after she stepped down in favour of B Obama she tirelessly worked her utmost for him; I could be wrong of course. More on that can be read here on the Sydney Morning Herald’s online news. I have been receiving a lot of e-mail from friends lately who seem to wish to return to the Republican way and are back to their usual thing of sending mail to how it was prior to the election. I ignore it in the main but often wonder why they bother to do it, the man (yes he is the man now isn’t he) got voted in fair and square by the American people he never squeaked in on a court decision like GW Bush did either he was actually voted into office. We here in Australia had one hell of a shock when Bush got in like that; to me that is not a fair and just decision. It seems certain that the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is hoping to meet with Barack Obama very soon, reading between the lines I reckon they have reached an understanding; I certainly hope so as thinking about it Russia and America have so much in common with each other as countries. Today in America I read racism is a very current issue in fact at this moment in time there is (I had a bloody shock when I read this) 751 hate groups against in the main racism ethnicity and religion. This does not speak well of the ordinary citizen who is just trying to make a living etc, the KKK come into this make no bones about it there was a time when law enforcement officers were members; there probably still are who knows only the inhabitants I guess. This sort of thing is something to be ashamed of how these people who think this way can sleep at nights has me puzzled. I have just been reading about sport some wag suggests it is the main cause of American racism I think that is a lot of crap. It is just competition I like to win when I play games I don't use that as an excuse if I lose. The Brits have the right idea by being seen as a good sportsman/woman. We here in Australia think much the same way sport is to be played in the spirit of the game; not so in the USA sadly. Another thing that pisses me off is why are coloured Americans called African Americans? Because I guess their forbears were slaves, Is that their fault no it is not to me they are American thankfully they may get a chance here once Barack Obama is sworn in. I really hope he turns America on its back if I was him after all of it dies down after the swearing in I would make the American government apologise to the coloured Americans just like our prime minister had to, he had to apologise to the stolen generations of our indigenous people because the previous Prime Minister would not. The previous one was of the same political beliefs as your Republican president. I can't wait for January the 20th to be honest I might write him a letter suggesting an apology once the dust has settled. Then there is recourse to these people the ACLU read what Mr. Obama said on the 1st of August 2007 I’ll tell you ok “As President, I will close Guantánamo, reject the Military Commissions Act, and adhere to the Geneva Conventions”


  1. Anonymous17.11.08

    I think I should point out that Coloured was not a preference wanted by coloured Americans so the term African American was used by the very people themselves

  2. GriffieMae17.11.08

    Yes, this is correct; Blacks want to be referred to as 'African Americans'...Apologize to 'African Americans'? I don't think so. Let's remember that while slavery was abominable, it was their own people who sold them into slavery which is not to make slavery any less horrifying...but that is 'past'... time to get on with the future and 'African Americans' generally had rather sit around and complain and wait for a free handout than attempting to be pro-active in their progress. Most 'black mentality' is not conducive to them rising to their potential, sadly. This has changed some in the last 10 years but not near enough to overcome their drawbacks. This is such a shame because there are some 'African Americans' that are good, honest, intelligent individuals that do above and beyond their share in the US...Martin Luther King is a prime example of this. You talk about our racial issues in the US and judge us but friends, there is division/prejudice even in the 'African Americans' towards each other. 'Africn Americans' are having a difficult time so much of the time in the US due to the violent, illiterate, backward thinking, and lawless attitudes and actions. Tends to make the whole lot look bad, so to speak. Which, in closing, reminds me that each man/woman/child should be accepted on their individual merit and not because of their color or creed which is becoming more difficult each day as difficult challenges face our great nation this day and time.

  3. Anonymous17.11.08

    I like Bill Richardson a lot and I love New Mexico. Had a good time there. I've heard Bill Richardson talk on TV and to me he makes a lot of sense.

  4. Wow all these comments I don't believe I have ever had so many.
    I only know about Bill from what I have read about him...he seems a dinkum bloke to me I'll give you the drum...thank you peoples