vista Yea or Nay

This is the real vista it is claimed so why all these other video’s running it down yeah well you have to look at the bigger picture and to be frank at the moment I am not impressed but you can make up your own mind; remember how much all this will cost you ok, here is the first video which I found on You tube go have a squiz.

Here is another that is not so complimentary sorry about the language but it is not my video

Like the guy says it is horrid.

And now from Washington itself have a squiz at it so three videos but there are more on you tube if you wish to go look at them good luck with your decision your wallet will empty fairly quickly as well.

From their Redmond HQ no less

I am definitely having second thoughts.


  1. Anonymous18.6.07

    I liked the second and third videos re Vista, thx! :)

  2. thanks for the comment Dus yeah I am regretting installing it now in fact it has so slowed and messed up my M/C I am using my old one to type this :)