July one is Canada day (Fete du Canada) July one 1876 established Canada as a dominion indeed it was even called dominion day. It is a federal holiday with some exceptions by most businesses and provincial governments across Canada. Oddly enough the Red Ensign is flown along with the Maple Leaf in some Royal Canadian Legion halls, as well as by many individual Canadians. I can understand this as those folk in the Canadian legion fought under that flag as did Australians who fought under our flag which still has the union jack on it which is why we have resisted a flag change although it will happen I guess in the end. In fact I read a lot of Canadians fly both flags very patriotic as are some Americans and Australians with flag flying and yet strangely in the UK I have never ever noticed that at all. With most commonwealth countries (then called the British Empire later the British Commonwealth, later still simply the commonwealth of nations) they sustained heavy losses in World wars in which Britain was involved. Really heavy ones in Newfoundland and Labrador so this day is also recognised as a remembrance day and I did read flags are flown at half mast. Things are rather sombre until noon as ceremonies are held at cenotaphs around this province then I gather things get more festive.

Enjoy the day Canada we enjoy our national day as I know you will

Some facts

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