So the Yanks think we are becoming an insular people

Due to the new government we now have I reckon that American thoughts about us Aussies are becoming worrying: not to worry youse good folk over there some of the figures shown in this report by the Herald Tribune are in my estimation sheer rubbish.

Mind you it does look that way but it is only the Government you have in power at the moment that has sparked off a lot of this; I fancy this will change once the Democrats resume control of the Whitehouse.

Also we are becoming sick of your language and junk food influence so I read on OUR ABC NEWS this morning I go along with some of that but it will never change in my opinion besides I like MacDonald’s tucker myself lol I often have it.

Yeah well the language problem may be annoying to some of us but who cares I certainly (sure) don’t

It is not just in this country that this has happened have a squizz at other western countries, in particular the UK, they are as bad,

On a visit to the old dart in 1987 I made a beeline for MacDonald’s to stuff myself with a burger.

I read further we don’t approve of your Gun Laws well maybe not but it’s not our business what you folk do over there is it.

And our Gun law policy never really worked properly anyway

You have a problem with social equality it seems (so do we) that was not mentioned in the report.

In short a lot of hogwash or as it used to be said here (Ah she’ll be right mate).

As long as we remain friends and allies is what counts in my book.

A parting shot we like your sports so there is some good in us after all

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