Global warming

Whose fault is this?

I am talking global warming here and to me it’s a natural phenomenon nothing to do with greenhouse gasses and all the B/S put around by various western world governments all on the advice of their scientists.

These scientists may have degrees and so forth but a lot use this clothe and feed their selves and their families simply on grants, did I hear you say how... your money the taxpayers money that's how.

This phenomenon occurs naturally.

Companies are cashing in on this and we are stupid enough not to see it.

Why even one of the power companies in Queensland here uses as its main selling topic this idea of giving away for free 6 light globes or bulbs (it seems they stop carbon emissions) I did not take much notice of this ridiculous idea to try to obtain customers; not that the idea won't aid in managing this problem as it will

When they are freely up for sale in stores and shops and the previous government outlawed the old type; not a good selling point mate sez I to the salesman, now if you offered me free power for three months; I might listen to you, and closed the door.

This problem naturally occurs on earth if you care to go and take at squizz at all the info on the subject; I did.

I read a few links kindly sent to me by a friend in Arkansas and was simply amazed at what was said on them.

It seems in one incident a threatening e-mail was sent to a sceptic and reckoned he the writer would bring this bloke to his knees for daring to challenge corporate America; I’m a sceptic I may spell the word differently but would have told him to go to hell.

This kind of stuff we don’t need it smacks of exhortation and money for starters.

Having said all this I would go along with trying to manage this natural RE-OCCURRING phenomenon.

Maybe we should stop sticking our oar into other countries problems and spend the taxpayer’s cash on doing just that for a change.

I see on the chart up here that the USA is one of the biggest offenders but I understand why.

All this waffling by their Senate gets on my nerves to be candid the jokers get paid enough, by you of course.

This is not to say I disagree with the Kyoto protocol as we should Endeavour to stop India and RED China from belching out their filthy emissions; these can and do cause disease but on the subject of global warming would it help? Slightly perhaps but its not going to stop it happening in my opinion.

I see (Sir) Richard Branson lobbed three BILLION into the pot to help, good old Dick, and here’s that joker whinging about being a sceptic and challenging Corporate America; money where your big mouth is Michael T Eckhart, where’s your money to aid in managing an event that occurs naturally.

You jokers make me want to puke you are not worth a two bob bit none of youse.

I reckon I have said enough on this matter but at the bottom I have put some links for you to read up on this.

Mainly all from the US Senate who seem to be better at the B/S game than us Aussies




US Senate

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