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Farmers and fuel companies reckon Bio Fuels could help save earth from this global warming which in some circles is being called a catastrophe but this again smells of money to be made.

The farmer’s well they do not fare so well here in Australia due to the terrible droughts we have so I don’t begrudge them the means to earn money as half the time a lot of them exist on social security payments.

Fuel companies are a completely different kettle of fish they are greedy they know they can sell their product with no worries

Of course at the same time I realise that the population of our planet is increasing hugely so we do need better methods as to the care of us all so the need for a scientific study is on the cards

The thing is we get these studies all the time using our money to fund them; these scientists may well be devoted to their profession but why use public money (ours) when private institutes can employ them.

Do we ever hear of one of the giant petroleum companies offering here no I thought not.

In January of this year in fact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) gave the major oil companies one week to get their act together and bring petrol retail prices into line, with the Singapore unleaded petrol price so obviously this was a breach of the rules so as to give their shareholders a massive profit; at our expense of course.

Whether they have done this remains doubtful to me as my petrol price when I fill up is still spiraling up and up as no doubt it is in countries like the UK and the USA.

Big hearted of them huh British Petroleum (BP) is another of these giant companies; they along with others are responsible for the destruction of rain forest in Brazil.

Mind you this will happen well it is already due to the demand for these bio fuels.

Simply put the land is needed to make this happen

This puts the oil mob into a quandary as it has to sell its product.

What I don’t understand is why; we have heaps of oil reserves here in Canada, the USA and off Brazil even offshore in the UK have them.

About time a nuclear car was invented (it probably has) but the oil companies won’t want that.

To sum up this world is in one hell of a mess and it’s about time somebody did something they will when it’s too late.

I still don’t reckon that all this is changing our climate maybe a little but it has always been that way.

To be fair since the industrial revolution methane levels in our atmosphere have increased by as much as 145% but this is evolution for heaven’s sake look at the space garbage orbiting our planet all these things contribute to this BUT nature will work this out not us puny people never fear like she has done in the past.

Global Temperature Since 1860

Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Since 1860

There are all sorts of theories on this and there always will be I am just wondering if any of this will help; my take is no.

We humans have always been a greedy aspiring lot and nothing will change that.

God I wish I was rich LOL

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