So it is finally official here in the land down under we have a brand spanking new Prime Minister, a former diplomat and an entirely different look altogether from former Australian labor party leaders, he has charisma folks much more than I can say of our last Prime Minister or his Treasurer.

He was sworn in with his cabinet today by the Governor General who represents Queen Elizabeth more to come on her later.

His first job it seems is to ratify the Kyoto Protocol this may cause estrangement with the Bush administration as will the return of our troops from Iraq, I have just read he has signed it already good on yah Kev.

I often get letters from Americans saying our force there is puny; of course its puny we may have a huge country but the population here is so small compared to the American one.

I did read they were stretched to breaking point as well.

Like them we have military commitments in other parts of the world, they also double up as border guards patrolling our seas

Kev did say that in his first term he would not be looking into the Republican issue; no doubt that will be on in 4 years time, why should we have a Governor General admittedly appointed by the federal government when we can have a president as head of state.

That deals with the Queen for the moment who needs her we sure don’t, Canada is welcome to her and all the hangers on she brings with her.

I don’t agree with changing our flag however as many men and women died serving that flag, no outbursts from any American on this please you have a state that has the British union jack on its flag, for those that do not know which one it is Hawaii.

I wish Prime Minister Kevin Rudd all the best in this his first term as head of the Australian federal government and the Parliament.

Interest rates should be high on the agenda as they seem to be spiraling.

I guess that’s it on our new bloke for now but he has my overwhelming support.


Young warned over social websites

Be careful Facebook users I have been reading a very reliable piece of news on the BBC and it seems your privacy can be at stake here apart from the larrikins on there, as I see it folk will have to say just who they are; I cant see that happening myself but certainly hope so This comes after my whinge about the site yesterday, a shame as it’s a good site and ideal to while away your free time Millions yes Millions of young people are in jeopardy with the details they post on Facebook Obviously they don’t wish their employers to know these details, I have always been wary on some of these sites.

The worrying thing is this site is free so who pays for it? Good question, having a stab at it I reckon they use personal details which could lead to spam I reckon, Mind you I was hassled on there recently but nothing to do with this article I read My advice is BE WARNED there are a lot of nasties out there It’s a tad different in the UK I read as to users in the USA they have young members whilst in the UK they seem to be older.

I did read there are 14 year olds using it I have a suggestion to Facebook why not have a special site for children that age? It makes perfect sense to me There are quite a few articles on the BBC about this site; the best way is to click on the links I made (usually green) to get more info

Read the one called too old for networking I had a job to believe what the bloke on it said as I am 30 years his senior and I am on it; there are many my age on it

All comments welcome

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