This it seems is an Internet treasure hunt which kicked off on May one 2000, I myself had never heard of it until a good friend I chat to most days told me of it and gave me the site site today so I figured I would blog it.

This friend does lots of good work re scouting and all sorts of things in that vein.

To reward her scout troop for having cookie drives and for her as she bakes them to send to troops in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, one soldier has donated a GPS for the troop to use in this treasure hunt; it seems one is needed for this latest hobby there is also much info on this on here it works like this a Geocacher usually places a waterproof container of some kind with trinkets or such plus a log book with a pencil.

He or she then notes the caches coordinates and posts them on a website so I presume that is the official site!!

The hunters or seekers obtain these coordinates along with some details and find the cache using hand held GPS receivers and record all in the log.

Usually more treasure is left as the finder has the right to keep what he or she finds.

A great way to spend the weekend instead of watching TV I reckon and a tremendous idea for scouts to do this kind of thing.

I am quite wrapped in the idea the next step is how much does a GPS cost in Australia, I believe it is much cheaper in the USA.

This twenty first Century form of treasure hunting is done in at least a 100 countries all over the world and on all seven continents yes all seven so that means it is done in Antarctica also amazing huh

A happy and Prosperous New Year To all of you.

Comments most welcome

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