This blog I am writing about I recommend without question, you may be more familiar with this blogger under another excellent blog he has entitled Blogger Tricks he gets many enquiries re this blog and has helped people on numerous occasions including myself, he has quite a few blogs; seven or eight I believe!!

Click on HERE to see his very latest one; after reading it you may hopefully come to the same conclusion I have; it is really for the oppressed peoples of Malaysia (our neighbours to the north of us) it involves donating a photo of yourself or family group lighting a candle for these people; not so much to ask is it?

Hopefully this message will get through to the Malaysian Government, I personally have my doubts it will but I have found that if one persists in the end It will bear fruition.

Well Peter is persisting and I am going to help in my small way as well.

I ask that more of you citizens of this world join with me in trying to aid this country it will not take a lot of your time.

I have read on other sites (in the main social networking sites) that other countries have their woes as well; they obviously do, we have ours in Australia also.

Peter however is doing something about his countries problems in his own way and I applaud him for that; there is an element of risk for him in this Endeavour but he and a lot of others are still trying anyway.

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword; in this case I certainly hope it pans out well.

What is a photo with you holding a candle going to do you might ask in my view it is a start.

It certainly has my support


  1. Hi

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Importance of anchor text in hyperlinks. I have responded to your comment.

    Also "ribuan terima kasih" from a grateful Malaysian.

    BTW some says I am throwing my "authority" by putting the "Blog*Star" in my signature line. What say you?

    Peter Blog*Star
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  2. I think it is quite permissible to put whatever you like in your signature, it's no difference as putting your image on it IMO, I have never come across this before.
    It's your blog Mate and there is nothing offensive as I see it at all