Only the New Year to go now

And video conversion.

I shan’t be sorry when all the Christmas celebrations are finally over for another 12 months it is usually a costly time.

I can get back into my normal routine like all of you.

I have naturally been watching the Cricket test between India and Australia with great interest.

Telecast from the Melbourne cricket ground the traditional venue for all Boxing Day cricket tests, the Indians did very well on the first day.

Sadly they were bowled out in their second innings fairly easily; I really thought they had us on the ropes; it is a struggle still out there so the pitch must not be so good to bat on although all the commentators say it is

For all international Cricket updates click on here a great site for all cricketing fans.

I seem to be having trouble uploading videos to Myspace for some odd reason no doubt I will get to the bottom of it.

For all you folk that need to convert videos back into MPG from flash on you tube and similar sites try this site it does it online for you and e-mails you the result; a better idea than a lot of other sites that profess to do this for you but you have to get out the old credit card.

This one is completely free; I test drove it and no worries it worked like a charm.

You may have to wait 24 hours for the result but it’s free so I reckon that’s a small price to pay.

Some folk wonder why we do this but there many gains out of it ok so you spot a video on You Tube but cannot embed it as the owner has disabled it.

Solutions download and convert it and post it up yourself on the tube or another of the video sites that are coming out of the woodwork, and hey presto you get an embedment code.


  1. Hi Whizzed/Mick/coin counter,

    Sorry for that less than flattering reference to coin, but can't remember (is it bean counter?) the exact nickname for people of your profession. Just noticed from your profile. A profession I had hoped that at least one of my 5 kids would join, but none did.

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Favicon test. I have responded to your comment.

    Peter Blog*Star
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  2. Americans call Accountants bean counters yes I had not thought of that LOL
    My son is good in that department really Good
    I will go look at the comment you made.